Sine Iactura is a new, small firm managed by Pete Bannister, a government economist specialising in the assessment of (and negotiation of) contracts for privately financed public asset formation. His experience in this and other areas of government administration and public finance is the company’s chief resource.


His extensive experience of 40 years in a variety of fields of government economics is described elsewhere in this site (See Frequently Asked Questions?) by selective examples some from his most recent 15 years in the Privately Financed Projects Branch of NSW Treasury. He is a versatile public servant with recent consulting experience in Australia and in China. He can manage consultants and also consult. He can lead or support.


As an advisor Sine Iactura is well aware of the need of Treasuries and Ministries of Finance to receive sound and timely advice based on objective and comprehensive analysis of alternative courses of action and the thorough estimation of the likely economic and fiscal consequences of each.



Because its advisors are specifically experienced in dealing with government from the inside Sine Iactura is able to rapidly relate to public service organisations and cultures and to wider public service issues and needs.


Start-up times for assignments will be lower than for many of its rivals and its representatives will have less difficulty establishing sustainable on going relationships with individual public servants – either the clients’ managers supervising Sine Iactura or those that Sine Iactura is directly advising or training.


The company operates in two distinct modes:

  • Shorter term, brief assignments often relying on experience of a single consultant expert as the root of its wisdom and advice; and

  • Longer term investigations and sustained training programs where relatively more time is available for deeper surveys and studies and for the practical implementation of its recommended courses of action.


Sine Iactura does not have a licence to give financial advice to investors as that term is understood by the Trade Practices Act 1974 or the Australian Corporations Law


Sine Iactura does not normally consult to private sector firms, but it could. Its technical experience and cultural strength lies elsewhere.


Its rare experience has been used in the past by other larger consulting firms requiring a specialist resource (See elsewhere under Frequently Asked Questions).

SDPC Training 2002

Confidentiality is a matter for all organisations. Confidentiality is also an individual responsibility, and Sine Iactura’s smallness is a natural advantage at times for Sine Iactura over large multi client advisory firms.


Sine Iactura does not normally expect to ever advise private sector firms. With government organisations, perceived conflicts of interest will be dealt with by recognition of a contractor’s duties under the public service administrative law and the Crimes Act. Moreover, though retired from more than 40 years working in the Public Service, Pete Bannister has an ingrained public service ethos from that career and even considers himself still bound by his original oath of allegiance.


He and his associates are prepared to give confidentiality affirmations of any reasonable form.


Sine Iactura can also undertake a range of small scale economic/management consultancies and conduct training programs. Areas of expertise include:


1. Assessment And Appraisal -

  • of projects and programs eg Economic Appraisals, either reviewing or performing them.

  • of personnel and consultants (including legal and financial expert advisors for agencies requiring privately financed project expertise and for credit rating consultants etc being empanelled in a process like this)

  • of counterparty durability eg estimating the probability of insolvency in 1, 2, 5 years etc


2. Temporary Small Team Leadership - Of the type described elsewhere when for example Pete Bannister was employed by the Victorian Ministry of Transport (1970s) and in investigations and training in the People’s Republic of China (2002-2005).


3. Strategic Planning – Defining and measuring the economic and financial implications of:

  • national mobilisation, not just to meet a military emergency, (and as described in the IMC paper cited elsewhere);

  • Transport/Land Use plans; and

  • capital procurement strategies (eg BOOT/PFP v ALLIANCING approaches to contracting etc)


Sine Iactura is an accredited supplier of support services for commercial advice on public private partnerships and other major projects (under WA Dept of Treasury and Finance Panel Contract Request D09052) during the period 2010 to 2013.