About Sine Iactura

Sine Iactura Pty Limited is an Australian company registered in Sydney since 2009. Its broad objective is to supply professional advisors, consultants or contractors:


Huai Rou MoF Training School Supervision Course

  • to government agencies and organisations and sometimes their private sector agents especially, but not only, Treasuries and Ministries of Finance;

  • on economics and public finance;

  • including the supervision of and the conduct of investigations into :

      • the assessment; and

      • the approval and ongoing management of

major projects and proposals;

  • in Australia and overseas places, big or small, where a significant proportion of the assets of those places are in collective ownership.








International Conference 2005 Canton Its Managing Director, and its principal resource, is Pete Bannister a government economist for 40 years and between 1995 and 2010 employed in the Privately Financed Projects Branch of the New South Wales Treasury, in Sydney. He is also an experienced trainer of public finance staff in government departments in Australia and China.


Sine Iactura, through Pete Bannister, also taps into an extensive network of consultant experts in all areas of public finance and government administration, but its normal method of operation is as an individual administrator/trainer/team leader supplying:

  • advice to senior managers as an executive consultant; and

  • apprenticeship type training to subordinate staff whose formal training is complete but whose practical experience of public administration still limited in some way.


If you want :

    • capital works proposals appraised;

    • operating practices investigated;

    • policy documentation articulated or evaluated;

    • management strategies or potential procurement options assessed,

then you should definitely consider contacting Sine Iactura.


If your senior managers are :

  • new to the planning , negotiation or management of privately financed infrastructure asset creation projects;

  • in need of an expert to assist them develop a new unit to do this sort of work;

  • unable to devote the time needed to

  • the full development of their subordinates ; or

  • investigate strategies and management approaches to the evaluation or development of programs,

but just can’t find time; or

  • assigned to other duties temporarily and your organisation needs a replacement urgently or until a full time staff member is selected


then you may also need the services of Sine Iactura.


Even if you have some capability or investigative capacity but lack full time staff or time to assign to a concentrated attack on a problem or a special troublesome issue you may still benefit from Sine Iactura’s services.



Beijing Project Office Discussions Examples can include :

  • the conduct and assessment of economic appraisals (see What Does An Economist Do? in Frequently Asked Questions);

  • assistance with the appraisal and selection of staff or consultants;

  • turning broad plans into practical and economically feasible and ultimately successful proposals – broadly “generalship”;

  • supplementing a planning or negotiating team lacking a key experience; and

  • reviewing processes or legislation in need of revision following other changes in the economic environment or a specific change beyond your agency’s direct control.


Sine Iactura is a current and active member of the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce in Sydney and Pete Banister a member of the WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Perth.